Braces are methods to overcome toothed, coral, toothless, teeth distortions … Impact on aesthetic aspects that many people suffer from lack of confidence at communicating, while also reducing office chewing function affects health.

Braces have 2 main types: braces removable and fixed braces.
Removable braces: for instance, children aged 8 to 12 years. Doctors use this method to monitor and regulate the development of the jaw and teeth misalignment adjust sprouting neatly place on the arch.
Fixed braces: The doctor will attach the fixed braces on teeth and adjust the teeth neatly on the arch, this method usually reserved for cases of adult or child over 12 when the tooth has grown enough .
Patients who need braces:

Skewed teeth, tooth lug: huge influence to the aesthetics of the face do people suffer from lack of confidence affects the psychology of life.
Crowded teeth, false teeth are not straight on the bow seat function: if previously doctors often have to be removed to go but now with the development of modern techniques in dentistry, the doctor will apply a solution of braces to rearrange tooth extractions without too many.
In case of wrong bite: bite bite or reverse bias reduce chewing function affects the digestive system, a problem relating to health must be treated early.

The modern method of braces

Metal braces: bring simplicity, efficiency, cost savings but still limited because outwardly braces aesthetic is not high.
Ceramic braces: if you want braces but also worried as laughter will reveal the braces do you lack confidence, solutions braces with ceramic braces will help you. For colored ceramic braces tooth like color, while porcelain braces, the opposite is difficult to realize you’re orthodontics.
Braces in: mounted on the inside of the tooth instead of mounted on the outside, not seen in the communication process and still achieve the desired effect.
Invisalign: the solution aesthetic braces braces should not be used a transparent tray which, when brought into the unseen can be removed easily, provides the best option for those who need orthodontic that do not want to stick to teeth braces the obvious.
Time braces depends on the circumstances of each person treated, usually an average of 1.5 years to 2 years.
A regular teeth are not only beautiful but also good chewing ability. If teeth are very difficult distorted easy sanitation cause cavities and gingivitis. Each bite is not likely to cause injury to the joint, no small influence for maxillary and mandibular.
So in dental orthopedics very important and helps prevent and treat these deviations protect good health. Moreover eliminate defects to fit harmoniously with the natural face.