Technology E.Las diamond teeth can make a difference bringing highly refined value for those who crave sophisticated show. E.Las are created “fever” aesthetic studded with diamonds and stones in teeth safe, noninvasive and help smile “shine”.

E.Las technique can be applied to all cases’d snap kick to the teeth to be beautiful and unique style preferences. However, it is best if diamond tooth, attached stone made on the full conditions of the following:
1. Healthy teeth, are white.
2. Tooth disease should be treated if present.
3. Teeth enamel is worn.

To create a sustainable link between tooth surfaces with any material does not kind of “glue” yet more ideal laser E.Las Cosmetic Dentistry.
1.E.class – The Faculty of Dentistry offers laser systems Vietnam

Technical E.Las generation laser modern aesthetic, with the preeminence Vietnam app possible on the composition of a special dental glue derived from nature, do not contain harmful ingredients and extremely healthy the body count. Been thoroughly studied and introduced, E.Las quickly received positive feedback and proven totally adverse effect on health.
2.Adhesion diamond 3 times

Adhesive resin composition prepared from South America have very good adhesion is considered today, helps create strong bonds, fixed between surface diamond teeth 3 times compared with conventional methods. This block can mount sustained, no peeling, no liquid, no loss feet planted in any medium.
3.Not perforated on natural teeth

Previously, the diamond technique to tooth will have to drill small holes on the surface 1 new teeth done. Therefore, when you remove the diamond, the tooth surface will have a small hole very unattractive. Therefore, techniques that diamond would be preferred E.Las because without teeth punched out. Technical studded teeth kicked absolutely not create sinus, ivory lacquer should not damage the enamel and dentin.
4.Diamond processing techniques optimized

Diamonds or dental stone used in the stones are processed by grinding thin substrate and then coated with silver. The process to enhance adhesion as well as aesthetic dental stones are not critical and ensure beautiful natural brightness.