What are porcelain teeth?
That the type of tooth includes two components, the ribs can be metal or ceramic and porcelain enamel coated outer part.

1. The type of porcelain teeth:

Asian. Crowns:
The crown cover and wrap the tooth, and the tooth is attached by adhesive on cement. For crowns cover the entire surface of the tooth outside, so crowns if done well, will make up the new exterior shape of the teeth.
Crowns as a way to reconstruct a broken tooth decay to the tooth with the initial shape. Crowns are also ways to get more teeth and is a method of improving the aesthetic appearance of teeth.
Crowns can be made of porcelain, precious metals (gold) or a combination of the two types above, may porcelain crown for better colors, in more and more aesthetic

b. Tartar:
Dental bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth, by bridging between two teeth. Dental bridge is a false tooth style, consisting of a bridge is connected with two crowns two sides to replace missing teeth. Two crowns on the next two abutment teeth missing teeth are attached sticky and hold the tooth bridge on both sides.

Bridge, similar crowns, which can be made of porcelain, precious metals (gold), or a combination of the two. Porcelain dental bridge can be done on the teeth before going for aesthetic effect, like real teeth.

c. Porcelain Veneer:
Veneer porcelain dental or cosmetic porcelain dental restorations is the ideal solution for teeth too big, too small, or pockmarked surface. Solution Veneer porcelain teeth will help you have a beautiful smile and long lasting.

Usually people have perfect teeth is not very, or not beautiful tooth shape, tooth is chipped, bent teeth, teeth with small holes in it, or the tooth has unusual size. Porcelain Veneer Solution will help you solve all these problems and gives you a healthy teeth, nice, confident

2. The type of porcelain teeth:
a. Cr-Ni porcelain teeth, also known as conventional ceramic alloy Cr-Ni inside is. This alloy has the disadvantage that after a period of use can be oxidized black neckline leading to tooth and no good biocompatibility with gum tissue, easily lead to the phenomenon of co gums exposing the roots. However, this type of porcelain teeth a relatively low cost.

b. Titan porcelain teeth porcelain teeth like normal kind, but the metal frame inside with Titan, the metal capable of good biological compatibility, not reactive, allergic. So replace chromium-nickel alloy to minimize the phenomenon of black rims gums after a long period of use.

c. You porcelain teeth porcelain teeth that Kim is kind of the metal frame inside the main component is gold, it completely overcome disadvantages of conventional metals. However, very high costs for production processes with high-tech, modern equipment to achieve high accuracy

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d. Teeth Cercon porcelain teeth kind that slopes and outer parts are made of porcelain. Porcelain teeth Cerconkhac full recovery disadvantages of conventional metal (not black gum, no discoloration, unaffected in the light …) of biocompatible dental tissue very well. Therefore, relatively high cost, due to manufacturing process technology with CAD / CAM, modern equipment to achieve absolute precision.

e. Porcelain Veneer, aka Porcelain Laminate (in Vietnam also offers porcelain veneers called), is technically aesthetic restorations conserve natural teeth is quite common in the US and Europe. However, due to the technically complex and require a high degree of both doctor and dental technicians, so in Vietnam, this technique has not been widely disseminated. If the former, you have ever thought about cosmetic dental work but many hesitate to grinding teeth when used techniques Veneer porcelain veneers, you will not have to worry any more problems. Porcelain veneer teeth require relatively little grinding. Since grinding teeth at, so doctors can preserve maximum natural teeth and dental pulp (almost 100% of cases do not require treatment Veneer marrow). The level of sensitivity so also minimized.

Bọc Răng Sứ Thẩm Mỹ Ở Đâu Tốt Nhất? –Răng Sứ Thẩm Mỹ Ở Quận 2

f. Zirconia porcelain teeth, porcelain teeth and E.max, Cercon … are kind of high-grade porcelain teeth made from the gifted hands of technicians with expertise in porcelain and dental. Zirconia is metal oxide of zirconium and was discovered long ago. And due to the special nature as well as durability and aesthetics of it should Zirconia Wray used in industries such as space shuttle’s hull, won the car … Today, there are application materials Zirconia and its use in dentistry sector is characterized by good biological compatibility, as replacement hip joints, knee joints, artificial …
Dental Zirconia ceramic has exceptional properties in other materials, such as white, very hard, fault resistant and high abrasion resistance … So the scientists studied and manipulated to make fake batons, implant and implant abutments, orthodontic braces and “framework” for porcelain crowns, bridges …