Tartar risk of bleeding, prolonged lead to periodontal unsettle easily lead to tooth loss.
So cleaning the teeth have a very important significance, is the best way to avoid the risk of bleeding teeth, swollen gums, receding gums, reduces the discomfort caused by inflammation of the gums, prevent tooth loss and pepper bone.


Scrape tartar aims to remove tartar and plaque is removed diseases related to gums and is one of the most effective preventive measures to avoid waste and protect oral health.

1.Prevent cavities IN THE POSITION trouble seeing

Teeth are cleaned inside and out to eliminate these positions can shelter bacteria that cause tooth decay


Scrape tartar is seen as a simple way to protect dental health by direct oral hygiene in areas where brush or floss may be sanitary, functioning simultaneously help teeth tooth polishes prevent plaque from sticking to food, reduce the risk of tooth decay.


Tartar (tartar) that causes gum infection is a major cause of bad breath, tooth scalers and sanitation will promptly remove the infection, help teeth and gums healthier while eliminating bad breath .


In the course of tooth scaling, the dentist will observe exactly your dental condition and will have the accurate diagnosis of your dental condition, help prevent the symptoms of periodontal